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Has a repair job you’ve been trying to perform been because of a missing car parts? Perth mechanics may find it difficult to source custom-made axels, yokes, centre bearings or gears. For those difficult-to-source parts in diff repairs or conversions, mechanics can’t go past G&J diffs. We’re the principal supplier for diff car parts for Perth’s private vehicle owners and mechanics.

Our products are very affordably priced, so Perth mechanics can complete those difficult jobs for a price their customers will appreciate. Many vehicle owners have not yet unlocked the potential of the vehicles – but a well-performed diff conversion or repair can! Ask us about our range of car parts for Perth’s vehicles, we stock genuine parts for Holden, Ford, Toyota, and others. If you’re looking for diff conversions for 4×4 vehicles, we can help you there too.

Car Parts For Sale Perth

To keep those jobs affordable, we stock both new and used car parts for Perth’s mechanics. This means you can individualise a job for a customer’s unique needs and budget. Because we are a global supplier, we have an unparalleled range of car parts for sale for Perth’s mechanics and motorists.

There’s no need to be concerned about the quality of our car parts for sale for Perth, whether new or used. Our professional technicians at the Dandenong site thoroughly test all our products for sale, before distributing. We won’t distribute anything faulty. As we’re also a service provider for all things diffs, we know what working standard our parts must attain for our customers. We have a truly breathtaking range of car parts for sale for Perth’s mechanics and motorists – don’t delay, contact us today!

In addition to Perth, we also provide services in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and surrounding suburbs.

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In addition to being the go-to team for vehicle owners needing a diff specialist in Melbourne, we also offer a variety of other services. These include:

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