“Today I brought in my FG Falcon, you fitted a new tailshaft. Just a note to say thank you, I was surprised to have it done in such a short time, and for a reasonable price. Your service is very friendly too. The car drives great now. Well done!”


“I received the axels and was able to get them in the car and head off to the drag strip that night and the diff was excellent and trouble free, so thanks for getting them here so quick.”

Michael B

“Needed a team I could count on for all the parts I need for my own auto shop. G&J Diffs delivered, with parts for Holden to Ford!”

Amy B

“Was looking for a mechanic that could take care of my logbook servicing without a fuss, and G&J Differentials certainly didn’t disappoint. Would recommend.”

Hassan A

“My brakes were acting up so I needed a pretty urgent repair. G&J Differentials handled it quickly, getting me back on the road safely.”